Dave Ring is not the first member of his family to own a store in Muncie,  The Crescent Grocery was owned and operated by his great-grandparents, the Alles.

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Mon - Sat 9am to 8pm
Sun  11am to 5 pm

Parking available on Main Street and Mulberry Street


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We're at 125 E. Main Street

Muncie,  IN 47304

765-288-3775 or downtownfarmstand@gmail.com

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About the Downtown Farm Stand

At The Downtown Farm Stand, every day is “buy local” day.  A typical week at The Farm Stand sees 10 - 20 local organic farmers, producers, and processors come through our doors to sell us their products.  Over the course of the year we purchase from over 40 local sustainable producers. 

We receive a huge variety of food from local farms. Weekly deliveries include everything from local bison, to organic vegetables, to processors that smoke local pastured meats, to local creameries that make cheese, to 100% grass fed beef, to pastured chicken and pork, to local honey and eggs.  Our complete grocery store selection is the result of a lot of time, phone conversations, and e-mails.  Anything we can’t procure from local organic farms we buy from responsible certified organic producers to round out ourselection.  Over the years since 2007, The Farm Stand has pumped over a million dollars back into the local economy. 

Victory Acres Farm CSA in Upland, Indiana
Victory Acres Farm CSA in Upland, Indiana

While we mostly consider ourselves an “ingredient store”, with the addition of our deli restaurant in 2009 we have diversified the business in a positive way.  We make our whole grain spelt sandwich loaves from scratch, and even our garlic aioli is made here.  Our house made soups are very popular, as are to-go items like our lemon garlic hummus and our Italian balsamic deli chicken.  The addition of Smoking Goose’s authentic deli meats from Indy have really rounded out the sandwich selection. The “build your own” sandwiches with pepperoni, Italian chicken, smoked city ham, and smoked turkey are delicious. New and interesting specials are always popular choices.

Our delivery system is our newest area of growth. We started deliveries in November of 2011.  We deliver groceries directly to our customers’ homes. Our members sign up for a weekly or every other week delivery of organic produce, plus they can add on anything in the store to their insulated bin.  No membership fees and no delivery charge make this a popular service and the $35 minimum is easy for most folks to afford. This is a big area of growth for us and we are enjoying instant acceptance of a new business venture. The increased amount of produce sold through delivery is substantially increasing the size of produce orders from local farms.  We are making a difference for local organic farmers!

We also offer exceptional catering for events and we pride ourselves in providing uniquely delicious made from scratch food for exceptional occasions.

The Downtown Farm Stand is your go-to place for local, sustainable and organic food in East Central Indiana!

Delivery is in our Genes

The Crescent Grocery was owned and operated by Dave Ring's great-grandparents  They delivered to their customers using this horse drawn wagon. We have a slightly speedier method to get tasty organic produce and groceries to you. Click on Delivery to sign up now and soon you will have a produce bin delivered to your door!