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Gospel Trails Farm

Gospel Trails Farm

Blackford County, Indiana

We asked our friends at Gospel Trails Farm to share a bit of their perspective on the importance of organic farming.

"Here at the Gospel Trails Farm our philosophy is to value the land and Creation by using restorative farming practices.  We do this primarily through multi-species ruminant grazing to bring back the soil’s life to the productive, diverse; forest, savannah and prairie state that supported such abundant life many years ago.

Responsible stewardship entails caring for the soil and its supporting cast of earthworms, microbes and all the biological support systems that make for healthy productive soil. In caring for what is below ground we realize abundant growth above ground which makes for healthy nutritious forage for the cattle, sheep and hopefullysomeday soon poultry.

The wildlife benefits are great as the populations of deer, turkey and other birds have steadily increased here on the farm. 

We have been raising grass fed beef here at the Gospel Trails Farm in Blackford County since 2007. Our goal is to produce great tasting, healthful beef that is raised eating only pasture forage and hay organically grown right here on our farm.   

We supplement the animals’ diet with free choice minerals to keep them healthy and to re-mineralize our soils. We do not use any chemical or artificial fertilizers on our pastures and hay fields and we administer no antibiotics or hormones or pharmaceuticals to our herd, we don’t need to, instead we rely on excellent genetics and nutrition to keep them healthy.

 Our focus is to reduce stress on the animal through; low stress stockmanship methods, great nutrition, careful attention to weather conditions and stewarding the animals in a way that utilizes their design and their nature.   

We added meat sheep to the mix in the summer of 2012 and have started selling lamb, the benefit of sheep to the pastures is already evidenced by a thickening of the sward and reduction in weeds.

We believe that that The Creator designed these animals to thrive on natural forage and that they should be raised in as close to a natural setting as feasible without compromising for the sake of profits or convenience.   

We’re happy to answer any of your questions, feel free to

ask.  Our number is (765) 330-4575.  We look forward to hearing from you."