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Mon - Sat 9am to 8pm
Sun  11am to 5 pm

Parking available on Main Street and Mulberry Street


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We're at 125 E. Main Street

Muncie,  IN 47304

765-288-3775 or downtownfarmstand@gmail.com

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Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery

Zionsville, Indiana

"Traders Point Creamery is a family-owned organic dairy farm and artisan creamery in Zionsville, Indiana. In 2003 we began with 150 acres of our grandparents’ land, a small dairy operation, and a big dream for bringing organic, 100% grassfed dairy products to the central Indiana region. Our vision is to “nourish the land that nourishes us all.” It’s why we chose to become the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana, and why our farming practices combine time-honored techniques with the most current innovations in sustainable agriculture. It’s why we have committed to using no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones, and why we package all our dairy products in glass. It’s why our herd of Brown Swiss cows roams freely in our pastures to feed on grasses, and why we love crazy things like good soil and manure. It’s why we support small local farmers by purchasing milk from other similar-sized regional 100% grassfed farms and why we host Indiana’s only continuously-open farmers market."